My name is Bridie Willis, I am 24 years old & am an only child. I live in Brisbane, Australia with my boyfriend, Brendan. I am a full-time primary school teacher, and am also studying my Masters of Education (Guidance and Counselling). Although teaching is my ‘trade’, my heart lies with all things beauty, skincare, YouTube & lifestyle.

favourite things.

I am a definite introvert, and a seeker of comfort. I like to be in bed early, I don’t like wild parties and I don’t drink terribly often. I have always been a lover of beauty; looking at beautiful things, beauty products etc., however I think my addiction was really fostered through my love of YouTube, and the access to the world of beauty that YouTube provides. I watch a range of beauty influencers, lifestyle vloggers and makeup enthusiasts and reviewers. Laying in bed, jammies on, with a cup of herbal tea and watching YouTube tutorials and vlogs is a time I look forward to everyday. But seriously. Shopping, of any kind is a favourite pastime of mine, mainly buying makeup, skincare, fashion and lifestyle products. Oh, and I am also addicted to reformer pilates. Ommmm.

skin type.

Two words; Combination skin. Growing up, in my teen years, I couldn’t have had more normal skin. I don’t think I ever had a blemish, it wasn’t oily and it wasn’t dry. Life was good. Starting at about 20, my skin began to break out slightly (I was diagnosed with very mild hormonal acne). Now, at 24 years, after trying a massive array of products, both external and internal, I haven’t found anything that really works, without giving me bad side effects. Think hair loss, peeling skin. Just no. My skin really isn’t that bad – it’s a tad blemish prone, a little oily in the T-Zone and can become dehydrated, even though I drink more water than anyone I have ever met. I am not currently on any contraceptive pill, but am considering doing so. In the mean time, I continue to try new products and hope for the best.

Enjoy my blog, and feel free to leave a comment.

Chow for now,

B. X


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